Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country located in south Asia, lying off the southern tip of India. It’s a Tropical Island surrounded by the Indian Ocean and attracted visitors for centuries with its natural beauty.

Sri Lanka was known for

Sri Lanka was privileged to be a country en-route the ancient Silk Road where goods were transported by ships to different parts of the world. For Ancient Arab Traders Sri Lanka was known for Spices and Gems. At present the country is well known around the world for its renown ‘’Ceylon Tea’’, and in recent years Sri Lanka has become one of the world’s preferred tourist destination.

Sri Lanka is Scenic

Sri Lanka has attracted visitors for centuries with its natural beauty. For leisure travelers Sri Lanka is a paradise of wonders and for adventure lovers it’s not lesser in adventures.  Sri Lanka, The pearl of the Indian Ocean; is one of the greenest countries on earth, with its authentic beauty from Sandy sunny beaches to misty central Hilly Highlands. Sri Lanka is one of the Countries with the highest density of waterfalls.

Sri Lanka is home to a vast variety of endemic species, flora and fauna. The wildlife in and around the shores of Sri Lanka is diverse and abundant. The natural beauty of Sri Lanka is astounding.

Urban Landscapes
Not lesser in Adventure and Sports

For Sports and Adventure, Sri Lanka is the ideal location. With ragged mountains and dense forests, raging rivers and calm seas; this enthralling island provides the perfect playground for thrill seekers, Adventure tourists and sports buffs. Whether you enjoy arduous jungle treks, invigorating surf sessions, hot air ballooning or golfing; a trip to Sri Lanka grants you the luxury of experience. A new thrill each day.
Sri Lanka is rich in Heritage and will give you a culture shock
The fascinating land of Sri Lanka, described as the finest island of its size in the world endowed with several attractions that have immense historical and archaeological significance. These spectacular attractions have been declared World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka by UNESCO and continue to amaze visitors from all parts of the globe. In addition to these glorious sites, Sri Lanka is also home to a mesmerizing array of religious landmarks, Buddhist and Hindu Temples, Churches and Masjids.

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