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For more experience on Sri Lankan culture, try shopping in Colombo. Explore the multi-storey House of Fashions, considered to be the biggest department store in the country, or step inside Odel where you'll find bars, sushi bars and french delis alongside an assortment of shops. Better yet, spend the day at Majestic City mall, enjoying the food, browsing the shops and seeing the latest Bollywood film at the cinema. Traditional or contemporary, fun or fabulous, follow our guide to Colombo's prime shopping destinations to help you find whatever you need.

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Clueless about where to shop for clothes in Colombo? Don’t worry, we will guide you through, what we call the insider’s guide to shopping in Colombo, that is also home to the most iconic fashion brands of the country. For example, you can go to House of Fashions, with its magnificent facade and state-of-the-art lighting where you can also shop for clothes for the whole family at reasonable prices. If you are looking for funky t-shirts with unorthodox, yet funny slogans about protecting the environment or wildlife, then Odel or Cotton Collection are the ‘go to’ places . And if you are going for a more sophisticated fashion statement, designed by prominent designers, then you should check out Aviraté or Kamsins (for Indian fashion). For men who love fashion, check out Hameedia for funky casual clothing, housing an urban fashion collection.


Majestic City Shopping ComplexMajestic City

Majestic City is one of oldest malls in Sri Lanka and still remains the country’s most sought after shopping destination. It is a seven-storied building with 96 shops. The basement has a kids’ play area and a decent food court. After a major renovation in 2008, MC as it is widely known, got its own cineplex with four cinemas. These are the MC Platinum, Gold, Ultra and Superior cinemas. Platinum is the largest. There are few showrooms of international brands and perhaps MC lacks the glamour of shopping malls elsewhere but by international standards it qualifies as a fine shopping complex. MC has also become “THE” place for a hangout with youngsters strolling its corridors window shopping or lounging on its galleries.



Liberty Plaza Shopping ComplexLiberty Plaza

This is the country’s first shopping complex and dates back to the late 1980s. If Liberty Plaza seems staid, on closer inspection it will delight you with some rarities. It is home to some of the quaintest shops in the city. There are plenty of outlets which offer good deals on mobile phones, electronic goods etc. The “Photo Technica” is the city’s abode for all photographers - it sells the latest variety of digital cams and other electronic accessories. The mall is slightly old fashioned with its timings as it closes at 7pm on weekdays. Also it’s closed on Sundays, making it difficult for weekend shoppers.




A name that’s now synonymous with Colombo, Odel is an integral part of the city’s shopping scene.  Boasting 33,000 square feet of sheer retail bliss, Odel has steadily grown from humble beginnings to a department store worthy of international acclaim. Odel’s exterior presence follows a traditional formula; tall arched entrances, brilliant white walls and rich wooden interiors, Odel is a homage to colonial architectural establishments in the city. 
Odel has a rich collection of clothes, from basic tees to exquisite designer wear, Odel is one of the few stores in Colombo that manages to appeal to both a mass and niche audience. Like any department store, apparel is just one of Odel’s product offerings. Designer time pieces, exotic sarees, an extravagant perfume collection, a cosy book store, an eclectic assortment of jewellery and a playful kids’ department truly makes Odel your go-to shopping destination. Though the very essence of Odel is shopping, you will be amazed by the number of things one can do within its richly adorned interior. From a Japanese sushi bar, to a French delicatessen, to a well stocked bar and even a foot spa.

Dutch Hospital Shopping PrecinctDutch Hospital Shopping Precinct

The Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct is one of the most attractive shopping centres in the country. The building was originally a hospital during the Dutch occupation of Sri Lanka, and is considered to be the oldest building in the historic Colombo Fort area. It was also used as a police station and an apothocary, before it was finally converted into its current role in 2011. The building is centred around two courtyards, which sometimes host live music. It has a few cafes, restaurants, shops and bars. It's a nice place to stop and enjoy the shade, and with low slung tiled roofs and attractive colonades.


Arcade Independence SquareArcade Independence Square

A complex of colonial style buildings housing a host of outlets and facilities for shopping, dining and entertainment. It’s the latest prominent landmark in the city with outdoor sitting areas, promenades, fountains and flowerbeds while inside are 24 retail stores ranging from clothing to electronics. Both local and international brands are represented here, including Nike, Levis, Giordano, Samsung, TITAN, Parfumerie, Kookaburra, Stone ‘N’ String and Amante. Sri Lankan, Indian, Thai, Japanese and fast food restaurants are among the dining options and there is a Cineplex for 3D movies.


House of Fashions

House of Fashions

A fashion centre of Southeast Asia replete with fabulous fashion, spread out across 250,000 square feet is a veritable shoppers’ paradise comprising some of the most well-known brands of clothing for men, women and kids, household items, fashion accessories and loads of gift items for any occasion. Seventeen escalators operate for ease of access for shoppers as well as a 350 car park for customer convenience. The ground floor has a vast lobby, information centre and ample cashier counters. Cosmetics, perfumes, and jewellery will capture the attention of any discerning shopper as they enter the first floor whilst women will be kept busy on the second floor dedicated solely to women’s wear. The fourth floor has a range of men’s wear and accessories including shoes, belts, ties and casual, office and high-end wear. An entire floor of this mega store is dedicated to kids ranging from infants to teenagers. Clothes, toys and accessories. The home ware section comprises a huge array of items designed to enhance the bedroom and the elegance of bathrooms.

Factory Outlet
The Factory Outlet

The Factory Outlet specialises in casualwear for the whole family, from jeans to t-shirts. It also sells a range of accessories for all ages, from belts to bags. The shop stocks US and European brands but also offers its own quality range of t-shirts and shoes. Open 365 days a year, it offers the perfect opportunity to stock your wardrobe with the latest trends. You'll find fashionable clothing for men, women and children. The other good thing about what's on offer is it is all affordable, which means you don't have to panic when you look at the price tag. The store launched in 2011 and already has three Colombo branches. 




An elegant façade down Alfred House Gardens, shaded by serene temple trees, is a paradise for those who seek an ethnic or traditional style. Rithihi is not an everyday retail experience. Rithihi’s hallmark is their wide range of vibrant saris. With saris from all the regions of India, the collection caters to all tastes. Intricately hand embroidered, or daintily worked saris makes Rithihi an oasis of six- yard pleasure. Many of these saris have taken at least 6 months to complete and thus boast of detailed artistry. Simple cotton saris that let its modesty speak for itself too are available. Exclusive and one-of-a-kind Indian and Sri Lankan designer saris are also available at Rithihi. The store also provides traditional clothing including kurthas, jackets, pants, shawls and jewellery. The top floor has a colourful collection of dupattas (shawls) and stoles that would make the perfect tasteful and delicate accessory to both Western and ethnic outfits.



With a slightly over ambitious name, NOLIMIT is a local fashion chain that is immensely popular, as it targets the budget-conscious customer. The store spans three floors offering household goods, women’s and kids’ wear and men’s wear. Parking tends to be a wee bit difficult but the staff here are extremely helpful. A word of caution, NOLIMIT tends to get crowded, and we mean crowded. Open 365 days a year, it offers the perfect opportunity to stock your wardrobe with the latest trends. You'll find fashionable clothing for men, women and children. It also sells a range of accessories for all ages, from belts to bags. 



DoubleXLDouble XL

Double XL, located on Duplication Road, is a trendsetter in the Sri Lankan fashion industry. In 2010, Double XL embarked on a creative solution to make trendy, designer wear available in large sizes due to its non-availability in the market. “Beauty comes in all sizes” is the philosophy that drives Double XL. It is the first establishment in the country to stock fashionable attire in sizes rang- ing from Large to 7XL with a guarantee of high quality and comfort. Customers who once had to order clothes online or purchase from overseas to match their figure can now simply visit Double XL to purchase stylish plus-size attire. The store is designed with a wooden floor and an upbeat interior that has a touch of simplistic sophistication, allowing customers to engage in an exclusive shopping experience. Since fashion and attire create a personal statement, Double XL’s ladies’ section has unique, bold designs that highlight the confidence and grace of their customers.


Cotton Collection
Cotton Collection

With a slew of branches dotted across Colombo, Cotton Collection has quickly morphed to an eclectic fashion destination. Housing mostly local brands, the store itself can be described as a hybrid of bohemian chic and urban elegance. To a certain degree, Cotton Collection represents the very essence of Sri Lanka; laid-back, tropical and mysterious the stores offerings will tickle almost every consumer’s fancy. Ethnic skirts, quality leather loafers and crisp linen shirts are just a few of the items that Cotton Collection has in store. Cotton Collection has ample parking and, as an added bonus, the property is just adjacent to a delightful little strawberry desert parlour. You'll find fashionable clothing for men, women and children. It also sells a range of accessories for all ages, from belts to bags.



Stretching up six levels, Romafour caters to all fashion needs. Their collections are contemporary as well as timeless. Their pieces are created with quality materials to ensure a longlasting and unique purchase. The store’s massive shopping space overflows with colourful and very stylish clothing. The ground floor and the first and second floors of the store has women’s wear. Walking in, one would feel as though they have entered an oasis of tailor-made designs. From detailed kurthas to evening dresses, the ground floor showcases utmost elegance, while also providing the customer with homeware. There is a separate section for watches, cosmetics and stunning accessories to choose from. Romafour also offers an interesting range of teas and wood ornaments that make ideal Sri Lankan souvenirs. The first floor is dedicated for special occasion wear; be it a grand wedding ceremony, graduation ball or birthday party. In this floor, ladies can avail themselves to a countless number of dresses in every colour imaginable.


An elegant clothes store situated in Colombo 06, Kamsins is for the man and the woman and the young and the old with an inimitable range of designer saris, lehengas and shalwars, suits, sherwanis and kurthis. The accessories to glamorise the outfits are antique and hefty and blend well with the heavily embellished saris and other ladies’ wear. Kamsins specialises in wedding attire for the bride and the groom and every piece is intricately worked and embroidered with beautiful threads of gold, silver and bronze and a multitude of stones and sequins. Kamsins is also popular and frequented for being trendy by those knowing what’s in vogue in sari and men’s wear. Kamsins is a must-visit fashion store for Indian outfits selected only from the finest and cutting-edge designers of India.


Colombo Race CourseColombo Racecourse

The beautiful bright white Racecourse grounds in Colombo were converted into a shopping mall in 2014, marking a new generation for the colonial building. Today it houses a whole host of shops, cafes and restaurants. It's a pleasant place to relax, and you can walk through the shade of the covered colonnades without much hustle or bustle. The paviliion where spectators used to watch horse racing from is still there, but the grounds are now used for much a more animal-friendly activity - rugby. This field was also used as an airstrip during World War Two.



Crescat BoulevardCrescat Boulevard

Crescat Boulevard is a three floor, modestly-sized shopping centre along the busy Galle Road in Colombo 3. It stocks a wide range of products, from shoes and clothes to stationary and books. The third floor has a cafe, fashion shops, a purfumery, an accessories shop, a spa products shop, shoe shops, and stationers. The second floor also has a cafe, with a nearby bookshop, a body shop, and a few clothing stores. The basement floor is split between a food court and a large supermarket. The precinct is close to Crescat Residences and Cinnamon Grand Hotel. 


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Kandy Tea ShopKandy is probably the second-most popular city in Sri Lanka. It can be called the cultural capital and is as developed as Colombo, albeit smaller, and a much calmer and cooler town to be in. Having been the last royal capital city – while the Kandyan kings held out against foreign power for 300 years – the elite that walked the land ensured that this city would be rich in culture, history, and tradition. So from tea to crafts to temples – Kandy has it all.

Shopping is a unique experience when in Kandy. While the town center is littered with vendors offering everything from tasty roadside snacks to the latest in mobile phones, shoppers can also visit Kandy City Centre, a shopping complex that houses top brands from around the world.

The city of Kandy is also known for its gems. Visit any of the accredited vendors to purchase the best in gems and jewelry that are unique to the island of Sri Lanka. To add a local touch to your wardrobe, visit one of the many handloom vendors or set out in search of wood craftsman who will create a keepsake of your own to take back home, using age old techniques passed down from generation to generation, master to apprentice.



Sri Lanka is not as well-known for its gems as it is for its tea, but they are precious nevertheless. Most of the gem stores and jewellers in Kandy cater to tourists starting with an informative video on the gem industry and ending up at the showroom. Ladies, be prepared to swoon at the glitter!

Gem Shop


Sri Lankan specialities are batik and handloom, and loose fabric, as well as various items made out of it, can be found in certain stores in Kandy.

Batick SHop

Vintage and antique Shopping

You will be truly fascinated by this quaint shop at the drop of a hat! It features an eclectic collection of jewelries, coins, art and traditional masks unique to Sri Lankan culture.



Kandy City Centre has been in action recently enough that it is still somewhat of a novelty. If all you want to buy are a new pair of shoes and some trendy clothes, this is the place to go. With a variety of stores, and entertainment and food for those much-needed breaks, some of the items found in Kandy City Centre aren’t available in different branches of the same store across the country. So leave nothing to chance, if you love it, buy it!



Another predictable item on the list, we know. Each part of Sri Lanka has different bits of heritage to show. Handcrafted Wood Carvings sports a workshop where you can see people work as well as purchase from the store. Make sure to bargain though, as the initial prices quoted are pretty steep.



Besides the fact that you should buy tea anywhere in Sri Lanka, Kandy is accessible to all the gorgeous tea plantations that come into view the further into hill country you go. So if you don’t have time to make it to Nuwara Eliya, Hatton and so on – which takes a considerable amount of time to get to – Kandy is the best spot to get all that tea. Try the Ceylon Tea Museum, Tea Tang Boutique, or Mlesna Tea Fortress.

Tea Shop

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Deep below Sri Lanka’s surface is an abundance of gem deposits, earning the country the nickname of Ratna Dweepa (gem island) and adding some glitz and glamour to Sri Lanka's tourist industry. It’s no surprise then that Colombo’s streets are lined with gem and jewellery stores, each with its own speciality: Vogue is one place to go for traditional-style bridal jewellery, or try Sifani for more contemporary, colourful pieces. If you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, check out Colombo Jewellery Stores. Gold or silver, sapphires or rubies, our guide will help you find the perfect accessory on your visit to Sri Lanka.

CJSColombo Jewellery Stores
Guided by its founder’s visionary belief in fabulous precious gems and a keen eye for fashion, backed by enviable craftsmanship, CJS stands today as a hallmark of luxury, style and quality. Coveted and desired by local and international customers, CJS is one of the most respected, revered and influential brands in Sri Lanka. Personified by the store’s globally recognised ambassador, Jacqueline Fernandez, Colombo Jewellery Stores is the very epitome of luxury and glamorous trinkets. Additionally, CJS is also a home to some of the world's most luxurious brands of watches such as HUBLOT, Tag Heuer and Raymond Weil.

VOGUEVogue Jewellers
Stepping inside the three storey building located next to the hustle and bustle of the Galle Road, one is at once transported to a world of glamour as the eyes feast on the beautifully designed masterpieces assembled deftly around the first floor. Passing by eager clients sorting through the variety of jewels that are available, and ascending a glass staircase, one encounters the second floor where most of the precious, semi precious as well as coloured stone jewellery is displayed. The third floor is dedicated to bridal jewellery. It is a spacious area decked in white interior and wooden tones to accentuate the gold jewellery. The staff at Vogue Jewellers is well groomed with etiquette and discipline at the core of their customer care. They are all trained to provide the ultimate jewellery experience and act more as consultants with pleasing personalities imparting undivided attention. The design team at Vogue Jewellers are famed for their mastery in jewellery designs both locally and internationally.

ZAMZam Gems
Zam Gems offers you unique and modern jewellery made from genuine materials at affordable prices. The collection includes pendants, rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets made of precious and semi precious gemstones with a range of vibrant hues. The sparkle in each stone and jewellery reflects the skill of the craftsman. Zam Gems also makes personalised jewellery designs manufactured from finest gems that create an effect of elegance. Such high quality crafted jewellery pieces and precious gemstones display the innovative combination of traditional techniques and new technologies.

CAREEMsCareems Jewellers
With more than 100 years of industry expertise, when it comes to jewellery making, Careems knows it all and does it all. Their products are modern, contemporary and are elegantly handcrafted using precious gems and metals. You can get anything from necklaces and bracelets to rings and earrings for both men and women, and what is more, you can even give them an idea of the desired design and get them to make it for you. 

PremadasasPremadasa & Co
Apart from gems and jewellery, this premises located in Kollupitiya, also has a gem museum, workshop and an auditorium that screens documentaries on the Sri Lankan gem industry. The company has a product portfolio ranging from gold, white gold and silver based jewellery to various Sri Lankan gemstones. You can also find a souvenir and handicraft shop at this store. This top class house of design offers amazing jewellery and the pieces are set in a backdrop that compliment their designs, with hues that attract all-time jewellery lovers.

stone n stringStone 'n' String
A name that resonates quality and style, Stone ‘N’ String, is popular for its timeless fashion jewellery. Their collection includes both youthful designs and the much-loved classics. Stone ‘N’ String works with a range of precious and semi-precious stones, pearls and corals to create beautiful earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches. Their designer range is trendy and eye-catching. The bridal collection incorporates both Kandyan and Western styles. From the traditional to jewellery with an attitude, customers have a vast choice in terms of evening accessories. The store also offers accessories for men, including cufflinks, and tiepins. ‘DIVO’ is a trendy brand, which offers youthful rings, bracelets and chains for men. Stone ‘N’ String more recently launched a wristwatch collection that embodies elegance with classics and contemporary designs. Customising collections to suit special events is a Stone ‘N’ String specialty and their Valentine’s Collection will be something to look forward to in February. To make the shopping experience a more relaxed one, the outlet in Colombo also has a Cinnamon Bar. Shoppers can stop here for an invigorating sip of beverages inspired by the luxury spice. From simple and dainty to opulent accessories, Stone ‘N’ String is the place to go to treat yourself, find stylish jewellery to suit any occasion or purchase a special gift for a loved one. 

zaysZay's Ridhi Silver Jewellery
Jewellery, especially pieces in silver, is never out of style. It  facilitates everyday use and can be made to reflect one’s taste, be it classy or punky. Ridhi at Lauries Place has been established for over two decades and the jewellers has enchanted the women of Colombo with wonderful craftmenship. In stock is a range of bracelets, anklets, chains, pendants, bangles, earrings and other attractive silver trinkets, both plain and embellished with stones. Jewellery here carries an influence of the traditional Sri lankan culture, yet its designs also cater to modernists and custom made designs are available on request.

Exotic Jewels by Farook Gems
Exotic Jewels is conveniently located in the heart of Colombo. The plush interior and dazzling chandeliers complement the aesthetic display of jewellery. The showroom is a latest venture of Farook Gems, a reputed name in precious gems and jewellery industry.  Exotic Jewels specialises in jewellery made out of precious stones, especially sapphires and ruby. Their speciality is in providing a customised service, where one can have a stone of their choice embellished in precious metals.  The Exotic Jewels collection is stylish. Colourful gems gleam off intricately crafted rose gold and white gold jewellery. Amid the impressive range was an opulent blue sapphire necklace, elegantly surrounded by diamonds. Their delicate diamond engagement rings are awe-inspiring. You can also mix and match earrings, rings and necklaces from different jewellery sets. Upon purchase of your masterpieces, customers are provided a certificate of authenticity and an assurance of quality. 

Even a quick browse through classy yet well-designed settings would make you feel that Ayura jewelllery produces rare, attractive, and above all quality, jewellery pieces. The shop itself, with the charming yet stylish ambiance, reflects the value of jewellery and innovativeness of craftsmanship. The boutique furnished in black and silver hues highlights the huge collection of design pieces. This extraordinary boutique displays a breathtaking and unique collection of hand-finished and machine-cut jewellery. The Ayura collection includes rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces of good quality while it allows the client to customize their design.

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Pettah Second Cross StreetPettah is Colombo's biggest, most functional market space. It's loud, crowded and infinitely full of interesting and useful things - it's one of those places you either love or you hate. At first glance, the place seems chaotic and bordering on mad, what with the streets being packed inch to inch by trishaws, hawkers and wooden wagons. But if you know Pettah and know what to get where, you can walk away with some very cool stuff at ridiculous prices. Also with the right attitude you can make friends with some very interesting people here.

Walking around Colombo’s Pettah neighborhood, you could be forgiven for thinking you’d landed in Tehran or Cairo. A bazaar with definite Middle Eastern flair, the Pettah is where Sri Lanka’s multi-culturalism is at its most pronounced. The district has long been inhabited by Muslims, but a strong population of Sinhalese and Tamils contribute to an intoxicating mix of ethnicities in Colombo’s most colorful area.

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Visit a spice garden in Matale to see many different types of spices Sri Lanka is famous for. Just 25 km from the hill capital of Kandy, the Matale spice gardens are among the best on the island. You will be introduced to different spices and shown how some of these spices are grown and processed. A processing and training unit has been set up in the area and farmers are grouped in a cooperative to ensure fair prices and you will also be able to purchase spices.
Gardens are open to visitors, a delightful place to stroll in fragrant greenery and learn about nutmeg, pepper vines, clove trees and curry, cinnamon and the precious cardamom, a relative of ginger. It grows in the shade of high jungle trees and can only be harvested by hand.
Visitors may buy spices, traditional remedies and cosmetics, taste a herbal brew and in some venues, enjoy the full flavors of Sri Lankan spices over lunch or an Ayurveda massage based on natural products from the garden.



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